Certified Passive House Designer



Passive House Residence

Victoria BC
Completed 2020                                                                                                                        

This 3 level single family residence with legal secondary suite is located on a narrow property in an urban Victoria neighbourhood. The below-ground lower level is built with Insulated Concrete Form walls while the upper two floors employ wood frame construction. In order to meet the International Passive House standard, the home features triple glazed windows, doors and skylights plus a heavily insulated and airtight envelope. The south elevation features generous glazing to maximize views into private rear garden and solar gains with a wood/aluminum sunscreen and retractable fabric canopy providing shade to minimize overheating in summer. Fresh air is supplied continuously to all rooms via a heat recovery ventilator. A tiny amount of electric heat is required during winter months to achieve interior comfort.

Entrance off the street is accessed via a landscaped courtyard. The extensive green roof over living room at rear is planted with a mix of sedums and grasses to attract birds and insects.

The project was certified as a Passive House Low Energy Building by the International Passive House Institute. To find out more about the Passive House standard please refer to the Passive House Canada and/or International Passive House Institute websites.

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